webapp Advisory + not dead just busy !!!

hello to all of our dear reades .

we are not dead , just really busy in doing our projects . but there is a few notes  I’d like to enclose with you  .first of all about 2 Web Based vulnerability we’ve report to milw0rm .  we haven’t free time to working on educational sources . and those vulnerability was special for us because those portal was commercial portals uses for our “government”  , “private” web sites. and we’ve report those for helping our autonomous applications .

by the way if you like to see those vulnerabilities here you are :

first DOURAN Portal <= Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities

second Dana Portal Remote Change Admin Password Exploit

third about adobe exploit my next  writeup will be about PDF hacking / exploiting stuff (soon) .

and finally about future :

we believe to “no more free bugs” so after reporting a few more vulnerabilities / exploit maybe we don’t report more transparent / reliable exploit (as past) . maybe just PoC’s or just papers or just advisories titles or … . but who knows ?!

then :

we will try to update site with respectable index and more post on our blogs but you should take our apology for our late and unfaithfulness .

and final note :

unfortunately for a few reasons we disabled  commenting system on blogs but feel free to contact us with our mails.

for now you can use admin [at] abysssec.com .

keep on to visit us .

hope to see you soon .


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