Hacking / Exploiting / Cheating in Online Games

Hello to all readers.

we know that there are thousands and millions of online game players around and we guess lots of them may like to cheat this is our totally offensive research that we did to present in immunity infiltrate and as we missed that so here we go .


This research is about hacking /exploiting / cheating in online games and is sponsored by immunity.


This is a six part talk and contains:


Part I   : introduction

Part II: Hacking Online Game Servers

Part III: Exploiting Online Games

Part IV: Cheating in Online games

Part V   : Creating your own cheats

Part VI: Bypassing anti-cheat engines


Real world cheating is mainly focused on in this talk as it’s fun and legal.
During this talk we will have a tour into all the ways to manipulate an online game
and we will end up with bypassing the latest anti-cheating technologies and
manipulating the game to our heart’s desire.


Our case studies are:


1 -counter strike (half-life) as game:


2- SXE-Injected and Valve-anti cheat (VAC) as anti-cheat engines

Our codes will be release soon as soon we can but if you are hurry to use some cheats you can find almost all necessary codes in slides also there is two demos for proofing our research. We really enjoyed this research and it’s done from our side hope you enjoy too.


You can download slides here:

ppt : Exploiting-Online-Games

Font : in case if you have problem with embedded one

PDF : Exploiting-Online-Games

PS 1 : video demos are ready but due to those are huge we need to find a better way to compress them after that we will post them here.

PS 2 : Tools will be release after a while .

For getting updates about tools / videos please follow @abysssec in twitter.


For any question please contact:


Shahin [at] abysssec.com


For any other requirement please contact:


Info [at] abysssec.com


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