DEP/ASLR bypass using 3rd party + Clarification

hello again to all of our great readers .

is this post we are going to do some clarification also share and drop some random 0day DEP/ASLR bypass using 3rd parties .

due to there is lots of things to say we wrote all the notes as an article called “The Arashi”.


Table of content :


Introduction and warning

The Story of Sayonara

First Method: ASLR Bitter

Second Method: Process Explorer

Narly Windbg Extension

Mona / PVEFindAddr

Ropping this fun DLL

First 0day tatsumaki

Second (half) 0day Ikazuchi

Third 0day Sugokunai

Final Note


and finally  here you can download it from  : here

note that the offer in paper will be expire in 10 day so if you are verified and need one of modules let us know .

as always feel free to contact us : info [at]

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