Apache log parser script

Hello viewers
For long time I was looking for some codes for monitoring APACHE’s log
to detection some attacks and /or some     errors that can help server administrators to have a security solution for web servers.

So is so simple to find but its so dirty :d.
In  first stage script checks number of signatures of some of public attacks , you can change or/and edit them. After calculating errors script shows to you alarm or attention or …. messages and  here you decide  to what to want…
And at last total summary of logs with details was saved on path….
I want to write a better code as soon as possible ;)

here is quick log check’s snapshot

and check details

Last code was so slow !! and heavy .Here is fastest than beta-1 code .
I was check a log file ~ 150MB and getting results in 5 min.
It has been fastest as soon as possible ;) thanks.

Download Source code (beta 2 – cleaned code ! optimized – ):

download : log parser

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