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In the past time of cracking many of the programs include the serial routine in the main EXE and u with the name of the cracker, able to find the routine and the valid serial in the main PE

But some of the big and pros team include the serial routine in the dll beside the main exe
And u with the name of cracker can fish and find the serial’s in the dlls of the products

In this new generation of software development this point change to the habit and many product use the dlls to check the serial ( online check or etc .., )  or make the serial ( serial Function … )

The nice friend from SND makes the little serial ME to guide the crackers how to fishing the serial from dlls and here the MrXX will teach the noob crackers

Get the serialME

Ok execute the exe and enter this information
Serial: 123
“Invalid information, Please try again” what the ————– :(

Ok fire up the olly and load the target, run the target [F9] and in the main olly open the View > Executable modules and take look at the executed m
You will see the Prog.dll is in the use ok DClick to load the dll in olly

Oki daki the dll loaded into olly, in the CPU view right click under the Search for > All intermodular Calls
Scroll done, remember when u wrote the wrong serial the PE popup the Message box ok

DClick on the MessageBoxA and u going to the refer of message box
Do nothing

There is nothing interesting, not good??

Make olly minimize and u able to see the serialME, input the wrong name and serial again , the message box popup again click on the ok and back to olly

O some line was append, I think those are interesting :) , u can see the wrong serial 123 and right serial beside each other

right click on the serial in olly under copy > to clipboard and paste the code into serialME

and see the right message

that’s it , u fish the serial

see the source of serialME

and the author write his own keygen

see the source of keygen

u need the RadASM to use the source

lets going to the next step

I really enjoy to make the PE work with my serial

In the world of cracking we call this byte patching

Ok lets patch the EXE

Load the dll again into olly like as I say in up

Going to the message lines

And look carefully you will see 1 old friend into the strange PE

That’s right


very easy , change the JNZ to JE and u able to register the PE with any serial that u like

I hope u will enjoy it , wait for more

And excuse us for our limit time


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