internet explorer 8 XSS filter bypassing

IE8 is a new Microsoft browser, the integrity of its CSS2.1 support, HTML5 support,
built-in development tools and so on. IE8 in the browser security on a very big improvement, not a
built-in unloading the Xss Filter, non-durable type of cross-site scripting attacks do a relatively good
protection. However, 80 sec in the test IE8 found, IE8 the Xss Filter there are Vuln, resulting
in some version of the eastern countries simply can not stop the URL Xss for example,
in the Persian version, use some simple data can Bypass Filter out the strategy IE8.

Vulnerability analysis: As IE8 Xss Filter in the filter to take the coding system is built-in encoding,
in the Persian version will be gb2312, in some other Eastern countries will adopt the appropriate wide-byte coding.
Submitted a non-coding sequences such as% c1 <will be IE8 as a normal character for the East Filter keyword matching,
and in the pages displayed, because of their pages will be designated a UTF-8 encoding for example, in the analytical
time % c1 <is not a valid UTF8 encoding, this will be treated as two characters,resulting in a <bypass the check, this inconsistency has led to the formation of Vuln.
Vuln that: assume that there are web script:

header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
echo $_GET[c];

In the east of the country IE8 system, if the conduct of conventional XSS such as:


IE8 security strategy will be to stop, but if the
The code can bypass the ie8 xss filter and implementation.

vulnerability state: this vulnerability reported to microsoft (by chinese hacker ) and is awaiting a response.

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